Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is a polyurethane foam that is sprayed directly on to walls and floors to create insulation.  It is a wet spray that expands and turns into a foam-like substance that hardens.  It creates excellent insulation that is air and moisture proof.  Foam insulation can be sprayed on to roof tiles, concrete slabs, and through holes in walls.  For this reason it is considered the best rated in terms of covering hard to reach spaces.

Due to its density, foam insulation has the highest rated R value.  This means it resists heat more than any other insulation substance.  Since it expands and covers every area and cannot be moved around like rolled insulation or even blown insulation, it is less likely for air to escape between it.  This type of insulation brings you the highest savings in regard to your energy bills.

Since foam insulation does not allow moisture to penetrate it, it is great for keeping out water due to leaks or floods.  This makes it mold resistant as well.  This reduces the chances of mold causing wood damage or health issues inside your home.

There are two types of foam insulation:  open cell foam insulation and closed sell foam insulation.  Open cell foam insulation’s cells are not closed which makes it a bit airier.  This makes it less resistant to water vapor, but it is still water resistant.  Closed cell foam insulation has closed cells that are very dense and do not allow water vapor to pass through.  Closed cell foam insulation is more often used on the walls adjacent to the outside of your home or attic.

Foam insulation is a little more costly than other types of insulation, but it is also one of the best due to its high R value rating, its resistant to water and air, and its ease of use.  Installation is very quick and does not need much in the way of equipment or man power.  Lastly, foam installation can virtually last a lifetime!  Most people never need to replace their foam insulation so the extra price is definitely worth having the best insulation product on the market in your home.

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