Blown Insulation

Blown insulation refers to the application of installation.  It uses loose-fill insulation that is blown through a tube into the area you need insulated.  Blown insulation is very easy to install which makes it a very popular form of insulation.  What may take hours with rolled batt’s of insulation can be done in much less time using a blown insulation machine.  Rolled insulation also needs to be cut first.  This is not the case with blown insulation.

Here are some other benefits of blown insulation:

  • Great Gap Filler.  Blown insulation is highly recommended for places like attics or crawl spaces or any place with hard to reach areas.
  • Fire Resistant.  Most loose-fill insulations are sprayed with chemicals that make them fire resistant.
  • Affordable.  While blown insulation usually costs a little more than rolled insulation, it is still very cheap.
  • Pest Control.  Blown insulation is sometimes treated with pesticides, but they don’t have to be in order to keep pests such as insects and rodents out.  Pests are not likely to find their way through this type of insulation.

Some materials used to make the loose-fill insulation include fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose insulation.  Fiberglass is the most popular.  It is made of tiny glass fibers that are resistant to heat so heat is trapped between the fibers.  Mineral wool is made of rock particles and is also resistant to heat.  Cellulose insulation is the “green”-est material.  It is made of recycled newspapers and/or cardboard.  It is sprayed with chemicals to make it flame and insect resistant.  This type of blown insulation is becoming more and more popular as folks become more concerned about leaving a carbon footprint behind.

Blown insulation needs to be spread evenly so it is important to hire a professional.  If not applied properly, blown insulation is not as effective as it should be.  Professional insulation installers are also properly equipped to deal with the machinery needed.  Because loose material is being blown into the air, they are also equipped with the proper attire to avoid inhalation of these products.

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