Insulation for Windows

Insulation for Windows: If you notice your home is drafty and your curtains have been blowing, it could mean that you need new window insulation. This is common for windows that are older. There are, however, a few easy DIY fixes that can help keep the cold out.

Curtains and shades
Heavy curtains or cellular shades, which let light in but keep drafts out, are both very effective ways to keep drafty windows at bay. Custom-ordering insulated curtains and shades can be expensive, so making your own at home is also an option. You can use heavy fabrics to keep cold out, without having to buy entirely new windows.

Window Insulation Film
Window insulation film is essentially a plastic shrink wrap for your windows. You can apply the film to the window frame with double sided tape, then apply heat with a blow dryer to create the seal and smooth out any wrinkles. If you need to remove the film, applying some rubbing alcohol will help to ensure paint doesn’t get pulled off in the removal process.

Caulk is soft and adhesive, making it one of the best ways to fill window gaps and cracks. Simply apply the caulk and mold it into the area. This will seal the crack and keep cold air out. The caulk can also usually be easily removed when it is no longer needed.

Draft snake
A draft snake is a piece of fabric, usually filled with foam, that you can place in your window sill to prevent cold air from blowing in. You can also make your own draft snake with fabric and a heavy fill like rice. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to ensure your windows remain insulated in all weather.

While many of these DIY fixes can work on drafty windows, they are often short-term. Depending on the severity of the deterioration, it may be necessary to replace the window entirely.

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