What You Absolutely Must Insulate Before Winter

 Winter will wreak havoc on your home if these things aren’t insulated ASAP. With energy prices only going up this year, learning how to insulate your home for less is more crucial than ever. 

Not everyone can build a sustainably insulated home from scratch, so we’ve compiled a list of insulation tips to stay warm this winter without tearing down the entire structure!

Amidst the global climate crisis, we should all think of small ways to lessen our carbon footprint. Taking small, actionable steps to help our homes and the environment is a win-win. Insulation is especially pressing and challenging for older homes. These are often constructed in conservation areas, making it challenging to make external changes, even if your budget allows it. 

There are also many gaps and cracks in older homes – insulating an old house and improving their building envelope and airtightness is vital. Most of the work you’ll be doing is correcting mistakes made by the original builders or previous owners!

Your Pipes

Anyone with frozen water pipes knows what a nightmare this problem can be. The expansion of ice can crack pipes and cause flooding of your home. Prevention of frozen pipes and damage caused by them consists of adding insulation to the pipes where water accumulates. 

Ensure that your water pipes are adequately protected and insulated before the temperatures drop below freezing temperatures.

Insulating the Attic

Proper attic insulation keeps heat inside your home. As heat rises to your attic, checking empty corners and other areas where loose fill insulation may have yet to settle correctly means not losing heat. Remember, in your attic, you need to have appropriate ventilation. Don’t close up any vents without first consulting an insulation expert.

Temperature regulation in the attic is among the hardest to maintain in your home. Usually, when your home is chilly and your attic is cold, you don’t have proper insulation. Heat is lost from upper floors in colder months if the insulation in the attic is insufficient. This increases both energy usage and your energy bills.

Garage Workshop

If you use your garage for more than storage, insulate the area. Basic garage door insulation and batt insulation and garage door insulation can be installed, and it’s an excellent excuse to clean up the garage while you’re at it.

New Exterior Walls

Ensure that any new walls from recent renovations are insulated: Any wall facing the outside requires wall insulation.

Renovated Basements

If you have living spaces in your basement, you will need proper insulation for your basement. Remember that this should include appropriate moisture barriers to avoid later trouble.

Weatherstripping Doors and Windows

Weatherstripping around doors and windows decreases air leaks and keeps warm air in and cold air out. If you don’t use weatherstripping, small spaces will leak air and cost you in monthly heating bills. 

Check the weatherstripping around your house: It’s time to replace if worn or missing. You can take the further step of sealing your windows for the winter to help keep the heat in your house.

Ceilings Without Insulation

In houses with complicated layouts or additions, insulation material may need to be added to some ceilings. It’s essential to make sure the ceiling has adequate insulation as well.

Repair or Replace Old and Damaged Insulation

Moisture, pests, mold, and other problems can damage insulation, especially older insulation that has faced harsh winters and may not be adequately protected. It’s worth an inspection to see if your insulation looks worse for wear. If so, replace it.

Room Air Conditioners

Place an air conditioner cover over the air conditioner’s outside, making sure that the corner straps are over the corner bottoms. Inside the home, you can use a removable caulk where the unit meets the window or wall.

Bottom Line

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Our insulation is very cost effective and energy efficient while providing an increased level of comfort within your home. Thanks to state-of-the-art insulation technology, there is a way to create a comfortable home environment, save on your utility bills, and increase the value of your home.
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