Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation is an area of insulation that is often overlooked.  Many folks just don’t think of the crawl space when considering energy savings and where they can be applied.   However, the crawl space runs a close second in regard to heat loss in a home and should definitely be considered.  A sure sign you need crawl space insulation is cold floors in the winter when your heat is running.  It may be running unnecessarily in an attempt to warm up the floors that are keeping the temperature down.  Installing crawl space insulation will save you a lot of money over time since your furnace can take a break.

Using rolled batts of insulation is the least recommended for crawl spaces.  It’s difficult to install due to a little thing called gravity.  It needs to be stapled to the crawl space ceiling.  Most crawl spaces are difficult to maneuver in to begin with, and don’t even allow space to stand.  It can also become wet and weigh down the rolled insulation.

Blown insulation has similar problems.  Something would need to be installed between the crawl space ceiling and the crawl space floor to hold the loose-blown insulation.  Again, space is an issue.  Blown insulation is not recommended for crawl space areas.

This leads us to foam insulation.  Since it can be sprayed directly to the ceiling of your crawl space and expands as it dries, it is easiest to use.  Its water and air resistant properties make it the best choice for keeping unwanted air or moisture moving from the crawl space to inside your home.  It also lasts a lifetime so it only needs to be installed once.  Foam insulation is best for any hard to reach place, and a crawl space is definitely one of those places!

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