Removing Attic Insulation

Removing attic insulation can be a messy job, but it’s often necessary.

This is especially true if the insulation is wet, which can breed mold, or if rodents have contaminated the area. Most of the time, if there is in fact mold or rodent contamination, you will need to contact a professional. Depending on how long either of these problems has been lingering, it could have caused more damage than meets the eye to your home. Only a professional will be able to ensure proper removal and sanitation under these circumstances.

If you plan to remove the insulation yourself, first check to see what type of insulation you will be working with. If your home was built between 1930-1950, there is a chance that the insulation could contain asbestos, which is extremely hazardous to your health. If you see grey, papery fibers, stop immediately and call a professional to take care of the removal. You can also test for asbestos before beginning by purchasing a kit at a home improvement store.

If there is no sign of mold, rodents or asbestos, it is safe to continue on to the removal process. Loose fill is significantly more difficult to remove on your own than batts, but it is not impossible to do on your own. Blown in insulation requires heavy-duty vacuums in order for it to be removed. If you don’t own one powerful enough to remove the insulation, you will have to rent one. Once the vacuum is full or you are finished removing the area of insulation, you will need to heavy duty trash bags to dispose of it all. You will need to make sure that none of the loose fill escapes the bags and ends up floating around your home. Once you’ve securely sealed the bags, you will need to find a secure dump or recycling center to dispose of the insulation. You can not simply throw it in the garbage, as there are regulations regarding the proper disposal of this type of insulation.

Ultimately, it is better to let the pros handle attic insulation removal. Not only can they check for mold, rodents, and asbestos, but they can deal with these problems as they arise without issue. They are also properly equipped to handle any type of insulation removal and can dispose of the waste in a safe manner. In fact, attempting to remove the insulation yourself may cost you more time and money in the end.

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