Common Spray Foam Insulation Myths

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), when certain areas are adequately insulated, the average homeowner can realize savings of up to fifteen percent on cooling and heating costs. Key areas include crawl spaces and the attic.
Key areas include crawl spaces and the attic.
Insulating your home with spray foam insulation is an excellent way to realize energy savings. However, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding this type of insulation.
Examining the most common myths can dispel misconceptions with facts and figures.

Misconception 1

Spray foam insulation contains dangerous chemicals.
A common misconception about spray foam is that it is toxic because this type of insulation uses chemicals that are dangerous to humans and pets.

This misconception is partially true. Higher pressure is needed to spray open-cell low-density polyurethane spray foam, and small amounts of chemicals are released into the immediate environment due to the required pressure. But this type is not generally used for home insulation.
Two other types of spray foam insulation, known as high-density, use lower pressure at installation and release negligible amounts of chemicals into the immediate environment.

These types of spray foam insulation are known as high density low pressure, and there are two types:

Misconception 2

Spray foam will eventually rot your wood.

When the low-density types of spray foam insulation are used, it expands into an area that contains both wood and air, such as rafters and your studs in the walls, causing any wooden structures present to rot.

This is because the moisture within the wood attempts to create a balance with the expanding spray foam.

When high-density insulation is used, no rotting will occur.

Misconception 3

All spray foam insulation system types are identical.

Actually, the different kinds of insulation serve different purposes and require specific equipment installation.

There are two types of spray foam insulation: closed-cell and open-cell. There are unique uses and benefits associated with each type.

Open-cell spray foam controls airflow and noise, making it perfect for attic insulation.

Closed-cell spray foam is better at containing moisture, so it is best for insulating roofs and wall spaces.

Misconception 4

Spray foam is costly.

A common misconception is that installing spray foam insulation is expensive, but this is false. We use less product with spray foam insulation, which is more cost-effective than many other types.

Misconception 5

Spray foam is only for the ground floor.

A significant advantage of spray foam insulation is that it can be used in any room. It has effectively insulated roofs, walls, under-floor areas, and attics.

Misconception 6

Spray foam does not work in cold climates like Northeastern Ohio.

Spray foam insulation works well in any climate, whether hot or cold. We have many years of successful insulation capacity in freezing areas.

Misconception 7

Spray foam insulation can’t be used in hot climates.
Spray foam insulation is one of the best types of insulation for homes in hot climates. Its thermal mass protects buildings from high temperatures.

Misconception 8

Spray foam insulation can’t be used with stucco.

Spray foam insulation works well with stucco. Many different types of spray foam adhere to specific surfaces, such as stucco and tile, helping to protect them from the elements and moisture.

Misconception 9

Spray foam insulation can’t be used on modern homes.

Spray foam insulation can be used in any style of home.

hether your home is a modern design or a Cape Cod, the R-value is a significant consideration for optimal insulation.

Bottom Line

Spray foam insulation is a good investment.

Spray foam insulation can save you money on heating and cooling energy bills.

nstalled Services hopes that debunking some of these misconceptions about spray foam insulation will increase your confidence in choosing the right product for your home.

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