Best Choice of Insulation For You

Having proper insulation in your home can go a long way in making you and your family more comfortable. Reliable insulation keeps the elements out, and your utilities lower. The saying goes that good insulation will pay for itself over time, and that is very true (by way of your utilities).
You may be looking at types of insulation and wonder what the best is for you. The need for new or improved insulation is most often a slow build up over time, but it is one you will surely notice before and after you get the job done.

There are two common types of insulation: blown-in and spray foam insulation. While they both have benefits, they are rather different. Having the most efficient type of insulation in your home could go a long way, and we are here now to review that.

Blown in insulation is made up of recycled materials or fiberglass insulation that are sprayed onto
existing insulation that fills in any spots that may be missing or have worn
down over time.

The next type of insulation is spray foam. This type of insulation is a bit longer lasting than blown-in insulation. Spray foam insulation is sprayed into the area where the insulation is needed, and the foam will expand. This expansion allows the foam to shape itself to the area that it needs to fill in, ensuring that every potential problem area is covered.

While based on the description of the two different types of insulation here may paint one as superior, ultimately your situation will be what determines which type can be used. If there is too much existing insulation, blown-in may be better, if the insulation is poor and not done well, spray foam may be better.

That being said, at Installed Services we know that every situation is different, there is no such thing as a cookie cutter job. Give us a call today and let us come out and check your current insulation, and let us decide what is the best type of insulation for your home.

Why Insulate?

Your home will be energy efficient with our high quality insulation keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Heating costs will continue to rise with fuel costs.

You can save money every month with our high quality insulation.

"We insulated our home with Installed Insulation Services Inc. and our heating costs dropped 40-50% ... Thank you Installed Insulation Services Inc.!."

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