Preparing For Winter: Draft and Insulation Tips

The fall is a good time to begin thinking about making improvements to your home’s insulation. A major reason to address any cold or drafty areas of your home with proper insulation is that it will eventually hurt your wallet through unnecessary energy usage if you don’t.

It’s a good thing that there are numerous affordable and frankly simple ways to improve insulation, making your home more airtight and energy efficient. Improvements in insulation make your living space more comfortable by eliminating drafts and cold areas. As well as decrease your heating bills.

Furnace/HVAC Maintenance

Keeping your furnace and heat pump (HVAC system) in their optimal operating condition is essential. Even if your home is adequately insulated, an HVAC system that is not functioning properly will not keep you warm and comfortable.

For optimal HVAC performance in the winter, we suggest you:
Stay up to date with your regular maintenance, such as:

Sealing Windows

Your windows can be the source of cold air leaking into your home, and warm air leaking out. Proper sealing of all windows for winter is essential in assuring your home is prepared for cold weather and is cost effective.

How to Find the Leaks

You can use the back of your hand around the frame of each drafty window to feel for drafts on a cold day. Some people light a stick of incense or a candle and slowly move it around the perimeter of each window to see where drafts may be entering your home.

How to Fix the Leaks

Should you find any leaks, one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to fix them is with caulking. Caulking is placed around the exterior of your leaky windows. This seals any cracks that may have formed between the wall and the interior trim of the windows.

Another clever way to improve leaky windows is to place heavy curtains specially designed for thermal insulation.

Sealing Doorways

You can improve your insulation by sealing the exterior doors.

Insulating The Attic

We know that warmer air rises, so if your home does not have sufficient insulation in the attic, a significant percentage of your heat can rise and go out through the attic. Many have enjoyed considerable savings yearly with attic insulation. Common insulation types for attics are batt rolls and loose fill.

Professional Installation Maximizes Benefits

You’re adding insulation to your home to make it more efficient and cozy.

Maximum benefits of proper insulation include the following:

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Why Insulate?

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Heating costs will continue to rise with fuel costs.

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