Spray Foam Insulation Monthly Energy Bill Savings

Savings on energy bills vary monthly, but many homeowners have saved between 30% to 50% when the entire house is insulated with spray foam. A significant advantage is that it’s a one-time job, which is not the case with cellulose or fiberglass home insulation.

Cellulose and fiberglass will break down, sag, settle, and shift over time. This means the cellulose must be regularly maintained, and the fiberglass must eventually be replaced.

Foam insulation never breaks down, shifts, or sags and will never have to be replaced because it’s gotten old. Over time, this will save homeowners money since you don’t have the future costs of replacement to deal with.

Factors Determining Monthly Energy Bill Savings

A few factors will impact the amount you save on those monthly bills. A major factor is your HVAC system. This also includes your furnace and AC unit, doors, and windows. Where your home is insulated with spray foam will also help lessen those monthly energy bills.

HVAC Ducts and System

You need to run this system as efficiently as possible if you want an energy-efficient home. Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC ducts and system will save money. With the addition of spray foam, your home will have the air seal you want.

Ensuring you service your furnace and AC unit every year is essential. This includes installation of clean filters, cleaning the ducts, and tuning up and cleaning the mechanics.

An efficient furnace and AC unit mean savings on your energy bills when spray foam insulation is added.

AC Unit and Furnace

The air seal that foam creates means that the air you’re treating remains where you want it–inside.

Department of Energy Tips to can help you Maintain your Furnace and AC unit

You can save about 10% on your monthly energy bills by adjusting your thermostat back to between seven to ten degrees for eight hours a day. This is comfortably and easily accomplished by adjusting the temperature while you are sleeping or away at work. The general recommendation is to set your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer.

Remember that blasting either appliance to cool off or heat up your home quickly won’t work how you think it might. This won’t make any difference in the amount of time to make your home comfortable and will add even more cost to your monthly bills.

Windows and Doors

Even after installing foam insulation in your home, if your windows and doors are inefficient, more money is leaking out of your home.

In the winter, if you can feel the cold air coming in through and around the windows and doors, then these air leaks need to be addressed with insulation.

Home Insulation with Spray Foam

If only a portion of your home has spray foam insulation, you will not experience better monthly energy bill savings.

The best savings are accomplished when the entire home is insulated with spray foam.

If you decide to insulate your walls first or only your walls, it can lead to a problem called the stack effect.

The stack effect is air movement, causing an uncomfortable, drafty home with higher energy bills. Air from outside is moving into your home through crawl spaces and then towards your living areas. If only your walls are spray foam insulated, the outside air builds up pressure and keeps moving up your home, taking your treated air with it. Eventually, the air movement moves up into the attic and then back outside through your roof.

If the entire home is foam-insulated, this stops the stacking effect and this type of airflow.

New Windows or New Insulation: What is Best for Energy Efficiency?

Energy Efficiency

You’re a homeowner who understands energy efficiency updates to your home will pay off in the long run.

But you’re not independently wealthy, so you must prioritize which energy efficiency projects to invest in. You can’t afford them all at once, so you must decide – new windows or insulation.

Most Ohio utilities offer rebates for updating both windows and insulation. So, what should you do first to maximize energy efficiency and return on investment?

Installed Services has years of experience helping thousands of homeowners across Northeastern Ohio make their homes more energy efficient. Our professional Energy Consultant will inspect your home from the attic to the basement.

In our constant efforts to educate homeowners, we have used our expertise and research to help you decide whether energy-efficient windows or energy-efficient insulation will be a better fit for your home.

New Windows or New Insulation

The winner is… new insulation, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. In other words, energy-efficient insulation is less complex and less expensive, offering a better return on investment.

New Insulation for Your Home

The best part about energy-efficient foam insulation is that it works as an air seal and an insulator, which means it’s the ultimate energy-efficiency project.

Therefore, when deciding between new windows or new insulation, it is typically best to start with new insulation.

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Why Insulate?

Your home will be energy efficient with our high quality insulation keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Heating costs will continue to rise with fuel costs.

You can save money every month with our high quality insulation.

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